I have been touring the United States for the last five weeks and just in the last week in Boston I was able to make it along to a few cool events. I attended a Women Who Code, Hack Night and over the weekend attended a WordCamp Conference.

WordCamp is a conference for anyone who has any connection to Wordpress, which is a platform for website development.

It was brilliant to chat to people in my industry, get to know them, get an understanding of the working conditions in the U.S. compared to Australia but also to share thoughts, concerns and knowledge in and around web development.

I learned some great things about optimising web pages for faster rendering and more efficient use of bandwidth; a greater variety of which to tailor a website to the users browser size and device; the benefits of the new HTTP/2 protocol and how that can also improve the experience of website load times and network load; as well as some of the more human aspects of development such as how to more effectively communicate technological information to the relevant stakeholders.

In terms of what the above paragraph means to computer users and people looking into getting a website developed, it means that I have more tools in my basket for creating a great site that loads quickly, makes better use of the internet connection the user has and can provide your user with a more positive overall experience with your website.

If you would like to reach me for a chat, my current contact number until August 8th is +1 415 917 5015